Chrissy Kling started her career in the closets of A-List celebrities. She dressed and designed their wardrobes so they would look sleek and fashionable whether they are on the red carpet or going to the local coffee shop. While working for one of Hollywood’s top stylists, she realized that she had more to offer the fashion industry and created, “My-Tee” and “Hope & Glorie.” While building her companies, Chrissy’s likeable personality enabled her to develop strong relationships with several influential people in the manufacturing and entertainment industry. Many of her current clients have benefited tremendously from Chrissy’s connections. Chrissy attended AIU for Fashion Marketing, in Marina Del Rey, California. Her marketing background and hands on experience has given her the tools to create “off the cuff” campaigns for companies that are looking to expand their brand. Chrissy’s flare for style has landed her many opportunities to work directly with many celebrities.  Chrissy currently lives in California with her husband and 2 children, running from meetings to gymnastics classes.




Nicole Levine

Nicole Levine graduated with a degree in Marketing while designing the line, Hope & Glorie with her sister Chrissy in early 2000. She transitioned her skill set into product placement for Film & TV for several years. In 2010 she took her love of design and fashion and jumped into the world of blogging. Nicole created Frankie Hearts Fashion, a fashion and lifestyle blog. Integrating and working with brands to showcase other designers allowed Nicole to feed her soul while marketing her brand and online store. In 2016 Nicole helped to develop the talent branding division at Good Carma Studio, creating marketing campaigns and overseeing the talent management. With Nicole & Chrissy being sisters working together comes naturally. Nicole currently resides in California with her husband and son while enjoying the hustle and bustle.