“The awesome women at Good Carma Studio threw my daughter the best party a mother could dream up! Everything was gorgeous and so much fun! Went off without a hitch! It was the perfect way to indroduce my new baby to my friends and family!”

Shonda Rhimes, Creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal & Private Practice

“It has truly been a pleasure working with Good Carma Studio! They are professional, positive, flexible and fun to work with. They exuded genuine passion and enthusiasm for my products and put forth great efforts to get my brand out to the celebrity market. In just a few months, they successfully seeded my products to several major celebrities and their kids. Three of these celebrity kids were featured wearing my products in online and weekly magazines! This publicity has helped my brand immensely. I’m so grateful to have met the Good Carma Studio team! I can’t wait to work with them again!”

- Zani Suttle, Founder & Chief Happiness Officer of Polkadot What

"The Good Carma girls are so amazing. They have taken such incredible care of me through both of my pregnancies, and even threw me a ladies night party! I love working with them because they are genuinely kind, lovely human beings. And their work ethic is impeccable. All of their events are handled with the utmost respect for their attendees. I'm not a particular fan of the publicity aspect of my work, but these gals make it fun. I'm so glad to know them and to have been able to foster a wonderful working relationship with them."

- Actress, Sarah Drew, Grey's Anatomy

"Working with the Good Carma Girls has been amazing.  Their ability to get my product into the hands of many fabulous celebrities is just a small but integral part of what they are able to do.  Chrissy has been instrumental in building my brand and making Lucy and Penny a success.  I would definitely recommend Good Carma Studios to any designer that wants to build their brand and be on the fast track to success."

- Kim Rowe, Lucy and Penny

"What's not to like about Good Carma Studio! When you need your brand to be seen in all the right places at the right time, your next call should be to the Good Carma girls. They know how to treat a brand right!"

– Kathy Kaehler, Celebrity Fitness Expert and Creator of Sunday Set-Up

"When I first started my company, Chrissy reached out to me about working with Good Carma. We instantly hit it off and it became increasingly clear that I had to work with them! Over the course of the next several month, they put my product in the hands of some amazing celebrities who instantly became huge fans. I could have never experienced the growth that I did without Good Carma there to give it the celebrity boost that every company needs. From Chrissy to Melissa to Nicole, these girls are amazing!

- Shannon Cooke, 321 Juice

“There’s nothing like good times, shared with cherished friends. The Good Carma Girls put the perfect ladies touch on a memorable evening my friends will never forget!”

- Brooke Burke Charvet

“Good Carma = laughs, friendship, delicious food, amazing goodies and girl power!!! Thank you for an awesome party! My girlfriends are still talking about Girls Night Out!!!”

Nia Long

“My girls night out was a blast! Good carma took great care of all the details! It was a perfect night with friends, yummy good, cocktails and fun products!”

Garcelle Beauvais

"Good Carma Studio delivers!  PALETA has been working with the Good Carma Team for years and always with better than expected results.  They move beyond classic celebrity/business introductions and instead parlay their skills to create long-lasting relationships of celebrities with like-minded businesses.

Not only have they garnered a tremendous amount of publicity for PALETA, their efforts directly generated BUSINESS.  Revenue generating business.  My single, all time favorite experience with Good Carma Studio took place when a celebrity relationship they developed for us contributed to several national television spots, countless print and online pieces, and....WAIT FOR IT....these events generated so much business and traffic to PALETA.com it completely shut down our website.  Clearly a high-class problem to have!  I look forward to working with Good Carma for years to come.  Our partnership with them has not only helped grow my business, I found some great friends that I really love to work with."

- Kelly Boyer, Founder & CEO of PALETA

"Since we began working with Good Carma Studio, the team has consistently delivered on our celebrity needs and helped us create successful seeding campaigns. The staff is incredibly friendly and hard working, making sure our products shine and both the client and celebrity is happy with the results. We look forward to working with Chrissy & Good Carma Studio in the new year and seeing what new opportunities they send our way!"

– Marissa Connelly, Litzky Public Relations

"Chrissy and Melissa of Good Carma Studio are some of my favorite women! The energy and passion these two posses for their families, their work and their clients is contagious and inspiring! While planning my GNO Chrissy was on top of EVERYTHING! The event exceeded my expectations further than I could have imagined… Since then, Chrissy and I have collaborated on future products and events and she is always one step ahead! I am thrilled to have these two in my life as my friends AND partners as we continue to work and create together! I would refer Good Carma Studio to anyone, and I have!!"

- Actress, Amy Davidson


“What’s not to like about GOOD CARMA STUDIO! When you need your brand to be seen in all the right places at the right time your next call should be to the Good Carma girls. They know how to treat a brand right!”

Kathy Kaehler, Celebrity fitness expert and creator of Sunday Set-Up

"My Good Carma Girls Night was totally fabulous in every way!  Melissa & Chrissy created the most special evening complete with Manly Handz massages, overflowing gift bags, & an incredible food spread by Polenta.  Melissa & Chrissy were so gracious.  They accommodated my every wish, even bringing in a psychic who provided personalized readings throughout the night! Good vibes & Happy Memories.  Thank you Good Carma Girls for the ultimate pampering experience! Love you Ladies!"

- Actress, Lindsey Shaw, Pretty Little Liars

" I want to thank @goodcarmagirls sooooo much for making my baby shower a dream come true!! One of the best days of my life. Thank u!!!!"

- TV Personality, Kendra Wilkinson

“I have been in awe of these ladies work ethic and HUSTLE from the moment I had the pleasure to first work with them, and knew immediately that I wanted to find a way to team up with Good Carma Studio.  We have worked together on project after project, and I cannot say enough about how fabulous they are.  In addition to having strong connections in the celebrity world, which helps our firm’s brands connect with influential moms and dads, but they work tirelessly for each client and don’t rest until the job is done.  I have the utmost respect and admiration for their strategies, implementation fo those strategies, attention to details, and creativity. Most importantly, I have found sincere friends for life!”

- GG Benitez, GG Benitez & Associates Public Relations, Inc.